Individual Nutrition Assessments

Individual appointments are 1.5 hours for the initial assessment and 50 minutes for reassessment.  Each visit takes into account current health concerns. We review:  dietary, supplement and medication intake, laboratory data and medical diagnosis,  as well as contributing emotional and lifestyle factors. We identify barriers to health and focus on areas for positive change.  Personalized nutrition plans are developed with mutually agreed upon obtainable goals.

Family Nutrition Assessments

Family nutrition assessments involve an initial meeting with the parents or caregivers to evaluate and identify changes the family wants to make to meet their collective nutrition needs. Each family members' specific health needs and preferences are considered when developing a shopping and meal plan. Specific time is spent giving guidance on how to address picky, stubborn, or sensory challenged children.  Family nutrition plans aim to get the family on the "same plate,"  provide adequate nourishment for every individual, minimize meal time frustrations, and find meals and snacks that fit into their lifestyle.

Individual or Group Food Exploring  

Children with feeding difficulties, picky eating, and sensory food are either seen on an individual bases or placed in age and developmentally appropriate peer groups to work on feeding skills and introduction of new foods. The food exploring groups are typically set up in 12 week intervals and provide an array of sensory based activities to promote familiarity of new foods, reduce fear and anxiety, and increase acceptance of nutritionally suitable foods to support growth and development. 

Initial Feeding Consultations

This 1.5 hour assessment reviews current dietary intake, feeding skills, medical and emotional contributing factors to pediatric feeding difficulties The goal is to provide a comprehensive nutrition assessment and plan for meeting metabolic needs to support growth and development. We partner with speech and occupational therapists for children with oral motor delays. 

Topic Specific Webinars

Webinars are offered in four to six week blocks. Topics include: Gut health, Nutrition and Immunity, Picky Eating for Parents, Teen Nutrition,  Infant Feeding,  Food Allergies for Kids and Nutrition for Cancer Therapy. Please watch our blog for announcements of upcoming webinars.

Speaking Engagements

Lea Peyton Gebhardt is available for speaking engagements for community, educational and professional events. Her areas of speciality are pediatric nutrition, pediatric feeding, sensory food aversion, food allergy and intolerance, food politics in today's food landscape, gastrointestinal illness and immunity. Please contact us with any requests.